Three More States Adopt the 2006 International Building Code (IBC)
According to the International Code Council (ICC), California, Ohio and Washington have recently adopted the 2006 IBC. These three states add to the growing list that includes Georgia, Iowa, Louisiana, Montana, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Utah. More information can be found at ICC's website.

Group R Occupancies Added to Smoke Damper Exception
With the publication of the 2006 International Building Code (IBC), the International Code Council has added Group R occupancies to the smoke damper elimination exception in Section 716.5.3. The modification provides Group R occupancies with a low cost alternative to combination fire/smoke dampers that has been available to Group B occupancies for years. With the low profile of LSR, building owners and developers now have a cost effective method to minimize shaft sizes and maximize saleable square footage.

S.R.M. develops 26 gauge LSR to comply with 2003 IBC
With the release of International Code Council's (ICC) 2003 International Building Code, the ICC stipulates that subducts must have a minimum thickness of 0.019 inch. In rapid response, S.R.M developed a 26 gauge (0.0202 inch) low-profile subduct riser to comply with the new requirements. The 0.019 inch requirement is thicker than standard, off-the-shelf, single wall duct making it extremely difficult and expensive for field-erected subduct risers. The new 26 gauge LSR is available at a minimal cost increase making it much less expensive than other subduct risers with the added advantage of smaller exhaust shafts.